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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

250 Days Later...and a Special Day for this Blogger...

Today is a special day...it was 1 year ago that I became a blogger! (and it is also my birthday!) I had debated for quite a while on starting a blog and decided that on my 41st birthday, it was time. 

Blogging was something that I never knew I would grow to love. I had no idea how God would use it in my life during the journey of Dave's last days and also my walk through grief. I had no idea how much it would help me to learn to be real and not just be strong because "that is who I am." Blogging has become one of my favorite things to do. 

I want to celebrate this gift today. I am thankful for each person that has taken the time to read my blog...which amazingly has been read over 14,000 times! That BLOWS my mind! I am thankful for each person that has prayed for me and my family in the past year. 

I have enjoyed doing life with you all. I truly enjoy sharing how wonderful our God is, even when life is not so wonderful...even when life is just plain hard. No matter what today looks like, God is good! 

My life took a turn this past year, that no one wants their life to take. But today, right now, I sit with peace, joy, and love filling my heart. I am truly thankful for where I am. I know my story could be completely different. I could be consumed by bitterness because I became a widow at 41 years old. I could be overwhelmed with depression because I have to do every single day alone. I could be sitting in a big pile of self-pity. I could be on a totally different road. 

But there is one reason that I am not...JESUS!! He has made all the difference in my life. I have such sweet hope and peace because I know where Dave is right now! He would not want to come back for one second and I wouldn't ask him to. I am thankful that the cares of this life are over for him! God truly healed him! And I sit today in the healthiest place I have ever been- emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically...and that is ONLY possible because of the way He speaks to my heart. Because he pursues this woman with a passionate longing to be close to me each and every day...the creator of this universe passionately pursues ME!! He loves me unconditionally, perfectly, completely. He has filled my life with HIS joy, peace, hope, and love...and I am truly thankful! I am in love with my wonderful Savior and I am so thankful to know Him! He changes everything!

So thankful that He is worth celebrating! This song just makes me happy...let's Sing & Shout about Him goodness together...

Another favorite is this song...Join me and Come alive, on God's Great Dance Floor! He has breathed so much life into this woman!

So today, HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY blog world! Thank you for reading my blogs and walking life with this Jesus Girl!

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