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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas from Jesus (and his servant Amy) to me...

I am writing this on December 5th and I will not post it until after Christmas gifts are opened...mainly because what I am writing about happens to be about a gift for some of my family...and in case they read it before Christmas, the surprise could be ruined!

I first heard about a wonderful, Godly woman, named Amy from a friend. My friend shared with me that Amy has an incredible talent that she uses to minister to people. Amy is an artist. When she creates these incredible pictures, all she knows about the person is their name and maybe their age. She then goes before the Lord and LISTENS to what He gives her for that person in particular. She makes a picture for them and the Lord also gives her some scripture for that person. 

I LOVED the idea...and I ordered 4 pictures from her. One for each of my kids and one for my mom.

I picked my kids up in October and just picked my mom's up this past week. Each one speaks of that person in "only God" ways! Completely amazing! When I read the verses that the Lord gave her for each of them, it brought tears to my eyes. God was speaking to each person through her! 

I am going to back track a little at this point...I have gone through a couple of VERY hard months. I have shared that I have been under the attack of the enemy for a while and he has REALLY tried to get me to quit! And at times, I have wanted to. Blow after blow came...I am thankful though, that God graciously reached in and touched my heart. He began breathing HOPE into my life again. I placed my feet back on the rock-the Word and all of it's promises-and let the enemy have it! It is amazing how quickly our focus can go from Jesus to our problems...thankful God is loving and never quits on me!

Back to the artwork...I picked up my mom's and she had 2 in her hands. At first I was concerned that she misunderstood and made another by accident. I looked at mom's and "yup...it was for my mom!" Very appropriate in what she put on it. Then she said...

"And this one is for you. The Lord told me to give it to you."

I looked at it...the tears flowed...here is my picture...

First of all, the verse "I am doing a new thing" was one the Lord gave me over a year ago for my life. It has multiple meanings in my life. The Lord gave it to me when I knew He was calling me into women's ministry. He was opening some doors for me in that area and it was an exciting time. He was DOING a new thing in my life. 
But here I am now...a widow...through the entire journey of terminal cancer with Dave, I planted my feet on Jeremiah 29:11...I claimed that God had plans for me and they were good and full of hope! My circumstances said anything but...but when God is involved, everything changes! God is opening doors for me with more in the area of women's ministry! New things. I am embracing (some of the time) my singleness...there are some positives with that! I am beginning the next chapter of my life...a new thing.

But then it goes on to say..."I am making a way in the wilderness"...again speaking in many ways to where I am, to where I have been for the past 2 months, to where I was in the year of Dave's terminal illness...a wilderness. And God has made a way...is making a way...and WILL CONTINUE to make a way for me in the wilderness of life...no matter what life brings me!

She then went on to say she made this one in March (ironically my birthday is in March) and had tried to sell it, but no one ever bought it. She decided to keep it and give it to the person God told her to give it to. 

As I studied the picture, there is SO much in it that says me. 

See the crown?? My name means "Crowned One!"

See the word "Happy"?? I see that as a promise from Jesus...I am not just a happy person! I have a joy filled life...because of my Jesus!

The dark and light lines on the bottom reminded me of a piano...I play the piano!

And even though it is hard to see in this picture...right after the word "Happy" is what looks like part of a card...and it says "birthday"...remember she made this one in March!

My cousin looked at it and reminded me of the verse "faithful over little, made ruler over much". I don't plan on becoming governor of Ohio...but I do know God has called me to women's ministry and he is opening the doors. I often feel so inadequate...but it is not up to me to bring the harvest...I just need to listen, follow, and obey what He asks me to do. Where this is headed is beyond me at this point. All I can do is say, "Yes Jesus!"

So there you have it...Merry Christmas to me from Jesus and Amy! Amy, I am so thankful that you say, "Yes Jesus" and you LISTEN to Him and hear Him and obey Him! He has blessed you with an amazing talent and you use it for His glory! You have blessed my life and I know there are MANY others as well! 

He IS doing a new thing...He IS making a way in my wilderness! And I am a thankful, blessed child of the king! (maybe I should go grab my tiara!)

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