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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A VERY Blessed Mother's Day!!!

Though I just blogged yesterday, I could not let today go without blogging...God is so good to me! So, just sharing some of that goodness with you...

I mentioned that I was able to attend the ladies breakfast yesterday. It was such an encouragement to me on many levels. First, I met several ladies...strangers who are praying for me and my family! When you become a child of God, you don't just get the Lord, you get his huge, wonderful family! Isn't that just like him? He doesn't just give us more than we deserve, he goes above and beyond our human comprehension! 

The speaker and message was right where I am and have been. I have had a rough couple of weeks and have been in this blah phase...just kind of numb, but stressed at the same time. The battle is the Lord's. So many things she said hit me right where I am. I CAN NOT win this battle that I am in! God was so good to speak so clear to me and give me what I needed to hear. 

I also sat there looking around at the women. My heart is for women. I saw what "could be" at my church someday...I SO desire to minister to women. I am in a waiting season. I am waiting on God's direction and patience is not my strong suit...OY! I know I have to wait on him to open the doors. This is HIS ministry not my own. And done in my time and my strength, it will fall apart. But I am struggling. I have to remember he has a ministry for me where I am. I can pray, seek, prepare, and encourage when the opportunity is there. I am a willing woman...ready for a great God Adventure!

So, as my heart was stirred yesterday, and I started thinking...the Lord laid on my heart the hurting. He removed the focus off of me and shifted it to others. And my heart broke for the hurting ones. Ministry...yes, he is still able to use me in this season of my life! And it is amazing to me that when we give to our God and minister to others, it always seems to bless the one who gave...I was blessed through it!

I woke this morning with my "plan" for the day. I knew Dave was unable to do anything for me. My kids did share that they went shopping and were quite excited about what they got me. I was blessed a while back by someone in my Bible study, with a gift card to Olive Garden and I decided to save it for Mother's Day so we could have a nice dinner out. I also had my oldest take her camera and we went and took some pics of me and the kids together. I was determined that it would be a good day! 

Church spoke deeply to me again...I have a story and I want to tell it. God is amazing and I love to share how amazing he is and what he does for me! We had great worship and I left encouraged and once again, fired up for my God Adventure!

We went to lunch and it was nice to be with my kids. We smiled and laughed...and anyone knows with teenagers, that is not a frequent thing! We enjoyed each other! Not an easy thing with all we have been through lately...

We got home and my kids were SO excited about their gift. Then they got their ipods out to video it, which REALLY scared me! Wondered if I should expect a snake in the bag or something! They said they got me something I have always wanted...I am pretty simple...there is not much materially that I want...I was quite confused. As I opened the first gift bag, I pulled out a can of sliced beets...my kids are weird...there was also a new "mom" charm for my pandora bracelet. It was really cute! Then the BIG one...I pulled out tissue paper and there they were...MY PINK BEATS!!!! "Did you rob a bank? How did you pay for these?? Did you steal them?? NO WAY! I am speechless and that does not happen!" I was stunned! You see, I had a wish list for my 40th birthday that had 3 things on it: 1) A Cruise 2) Pink Beats 3) Pink Sequence Converse tennis shoes AKA my princess shoes! I got the shoes...half price! I also got a weekend away by myself, it wasn't the cruise, but it worked and was very beneficial for me! I have looked at Beats numerous times...put them on...thought about buying them...argued with myself about buying them...NEVER bought them...I am a mom and way too practical for such a purchase!

My kids do not have regular jobs that gives them income like this. My daughter saved her money for quite a while to bless me with this gift! It goes far beyond a "Mother's Day gift"! My kids sacrificed for me. It was humbling and moving in this momma's heart! I am still speechless when I think of it. 

Music is HUGE for me! God uses it in really amazing ways in my life. So many times I find myself humming a song, even when I am heavy hearted, and then I will realize what I am singing...it will be exactly what I need. These headphones are AMAZING! They block out all sound around you and all you hear is the music. I am using them as I write this...I have a feeling these will be used often in my ministry days ahead as I sit and write the story God is writing in my life...or as I prepare to lead a study or bring a message...my kids did more than they realized! 

So, as I sit and reflect on this blessed Mother's Day. One of the BEST I have had in a LONG time, probably one of the best ever! This could have been a day of dealing with my "reality". I could have had a day filled with a hurting heart and time spent weeping...but God poured himself out over me...AGAIN! He was real and near. He wrapped me in his arms today and poured his goodness over me. I cried tears today, but they were tears over my Abba's goodness! My heavenly Bridegroom loved on me a whole bunch. He hasn't forgotten me and he has a plan for me and it is GOOD!


  1. Our mutual friend Carol Onkst told me about you and suggested I check out your blog. As I read this post, I loved that your kids were so creative and thoughtful, especially with all that is going on. I'm a big fan of beets also and I love Jesus. And writing. I'm so sorry you are deep in the valley of trouble and pain, may this note encourage you in some small measure. Enjoy the beets, the beats, this day.