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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Memories...

I was not looking forward to this weekend. Many times, we have traveled to Michigan to visit family and friends for Memorial Day weekend. When we didn't do that, we had a cookout with family or friends here at home. Today, was different. I knew we would go no where. Dave is not up to it and I can not leave him and take my kids. So I was feeling very sad about today. 

But I was blessed with other things this weekend. I have had a lot of down time which has been good for me. I have had a FULL few weeks and I needed a mental and emotional break. So, low key was very beneficial to me. 

I have had the joy of messaging a friend in Colorado a lot this weekend. Strange thing is, we have never met. We were introduced via Facebook by a mutual friend. She said, once we talked, we would see why she felt the need to introduce us. As time passes, we have realized more and more why our friend (and God) wanted us to meet. We have very similar life journeys. We have a passion for Jesus. And we value our friends...and each other. She has walked the journey I am walking and lost her mother about 2 years ago. It has brought a lot of comfort to my heart to know she knows. She is a HUGE encouragement. She has answered some questions for me during this time and most important, she prays for me. It has been fun spending "time" with her via our computers this weekend. We both hope someday soon to meet face to face. I am thankful for my new friend! She added some fun to my weekend.

Saturday, Dave's mom and sister came for a visit. We chatted for a while and then Dave mentioned that my mom had given him some Beatles 45s. His sister wanted to see them, so we got them out. Of course the next thing was, "Do you have a record player?" So, we started playing a few. Since Dave and I have lived our lives together here in Ohio, we don't have many memories with his family. And since we met later in life, it is as if he has a life that I am not at all connected with. As we sat and listened to the 45s and I interacted with his mom and sister, I felt a connection that I had not felt before. I was part of their past and their present. I looked at Dave, attempting to sing and strumming his air guitar with the Beatles, and it hit me...this is one of those moments. One of the memories that I will look back on when he is gone and say, that was a good day. He smiled and enjoyed that day. It was a gift. And it was a gift I was able to share with his mom and sister as well. I know each of us walked away from that visit with a treasure. 

Yesterday, my son was wanting to use our fire pit. We have often done a hot dog roast and had s'mores for a treat with the kids. Makes for a fun family evening. So, we hit Wal-Mart and I got all of the necessities-graham crackers, marshmallows, hershey bars, and reeces cups. We were getting ready to go out and as I always do, I asked Dave if he wanted to join us. I told him I could take the wheel chair outside and he could sit for a little while with us. He said "Sure!" I was shocked. I always ask, but he has not done anything like that for a long time. So, we got him all set up outside and he came out and joined us. We all smiled and laughed together. He didn't share in our yumminess-too much for him, but we got him some fruit and some drink and he was out for about an hour with us last night. Yet, another gift...another one of "those moments"...

I dreaded Memorial Day...but it ended up being a weekend with some wonderful, cherished moments for the days ahead. It was a weekend to treasure.

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